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Player information
Name: Alex
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Character information
Name: Doctor Herbert West
Age: 24
Date of Birth: June 3, 1990
Canon: H.P. Lovecraft’s The Reanimator
Species: Human
Role: School physician - Redbright Institute, Hillingdon Clan – Clinic Doctor
Rank: One
Background: Ever since his indoctrination into the world of medicine, West had found himself interested in one subject in particular, life and the reanimation of it through chemical means. Though he excelled at everything else, West’s growing obsession with the subject often left him at odds with his peers, and his professors. Left with only one friend for the duration of his university years, West made the decision to begin experimenting with his ideas alone.

He had started off small, and in secret. Borrowing only what he needed from the university’s supply room, West and his friend had managed to set up a lab of their own in the basement of their home. Thus away from prying eyes, the two medical students went to work on what would lead to a macabre tale. They had relative success with their animal subjects, breathing life briefly back into cats and dogs alike that had been left behind as road kill. Still, that was not enough for him, he needed something larger, something human.

And so he and his friend went to work gathering up dead bodies. However these experiments were less than successful. With their first attempt leading to a successfully resurrected corpse, or at least they believe the corpse was resurrected. Though it was difficult to tell, as the shriek they heard from the basement where they had left it was not human. Deciding the best course of action at the time would have been to escape the house; something that would prove to be life saving. As shortly after their escape a fire had started in the building. The incident left the two friends shaken, and West occasionally peering over his shoulder, complaining of being watched.

For a time the duo were forced to downsize in their experiments, as by this time West had been banned from the university laboratory, and did not want a repeat fire. His second foray came during his post-graduate life, when an outbreak amongst the locals occurred.

However, when one of the university professors, Doctor Halsey to be exact, became infected, the very same professor who had banned West from using the lab and condemned his work; things changed. At the time of the outbreak Herbert had found himself replacing that deep seeded hatred for the man with feelings of admiration for the work he was doing. By then the man was considered a town hero due to his near non-stop work. Unfortunately it was due to working almost non-stop that had caused him to eventually succumb to the sickness he was fighting.

It was then that West swooped in rapidly. The moment that Dr. Halsey had passed away West and his friend managed to secret the body from the morgue to test the new serum they had prepared. The following horror became known as the Bloody Summer, and is what led to West fleeing across the ocean for London. It doesn't take long either, for him to come into contact with the supernatural after one of his… experiments runs amok.

Personality: Driven by obsession and ambition to a fault, West does not allow for much of anything to get in the way of what he sees as progress. In his eyes he himself is right, is almost always right, and those who say otherwise are wrong in every sense of the word. That's not to say that he is not open to other possibilities.

In fact it is due to his ambition and obsession that he has been capable of doing half of the things that he has. If anything he has also gained a fierce drive to accomplish whatever task he has set out to achieve. It has made him a reliable person, and one capable of great feats. Such as during the outbreak in Arkham, where he had distinguished himself among his colleagues for his relentless work and knack for caring for his patients.

Even so, ambition and arrogance are about as close to anything resembling true emotion that West is capable of. Even so, ambition and arrogance are about as close to anything resembling true emotion that West is capable of. Everything else appears to be propelled under a cold and uncaring mind. One that attempts to hide itself under the guise of a capable, young doctor.

In many ways this makes him a sociopath as he is both manipulative when he needs to be, and more than capable of performing what needs to be done. Unfortunately this also often leads to him getting into trouble, as well as the misery of others. Though at the end of the day, he only views these as necessary casualties in the greater pursuit of man prevailing over death itself.

Powers & Possessions: Herbert West, being a normal human, does not have any stand-outish powers. Thus he often resorts to his own wits and the items he has at his disposal to get himself through the day. Among his possessions will be, as always, his serum, the one that he uses to resurrect corpses. Along with the serum will also be his medical notes and journals that he has used to record his findings.

Aside from those items, however, West has still proven to have above average intellect and extensive knowledge about the human anatomy, he is a doctor, and is in the process of attempting to unlock the biological secrets of the various supernatural beings in London.

Samples: One | Two

World building

Locations: Providence Clinic: Your one stop shop for doctor’s nurses and other medical practitioners.

Items: Resurrection serum: A drug with the capability of reviving the dead, although they have little to no cognitive processes. As well as breathing life into detached limbs and organs, independently of their body.


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